Surrender Value Calculator

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Welcome to Mera Kal’s LIC Surrender Value calculator, servicing both LIC and SBI Life Policies

The Surrender Value of an insurance policy is the amount that the policyholder is entitled to receive if they choose to terminate or surrender the policy before its maturity date. 

The Surrender Value is determined by various factors, including the type of the policy, premium amount paid, the duration for which the policy has been active, the term of the policy, the bonus accrued and the specific terms and conditions of the insurance policy.


This is an estimate that assumes timely payment of all premiums and does not incorporate any accrued bonuses applicable to your policy. The actual Surrender Value may vary based on these factors. For an accurate assessment of the Surrender Value of your LIC/SBI Life policy, including any accrued bonuses, please reach out to us directly. 

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Jeevan Anand
Policy Name
₹ 20,000
Total Premium Paid
Frequency of Payments
Policy Start Year
Term of Policy
= ₹ 1,10,580 Surrender Value
How did we arrive at the Estimated Surrender Value?
At the end of every policy document, you will find a table for the Surrender Value Factor. The Surrender Value Factor determines the Surrender Value.

Estimated Surrender Value = Premium paid yearly x Number of years since the policy started x SV Factor

Estimated Surrender Value = ₹ 20,000 x 10 x 55.29%

Estimated Surrender Value = ₹ 1,10,580

Why do I need to know my surrender value to take a loan on my LIC policy?
There are two key reasons to know what your surrender value is

1. If you are considering terminating or surrendering your policy, this is the value you will recover from it. Note this is lower than the current value of the policy, so you will be losing some of the gains accrued along with the policy benefits.

2. If you are looking to take a loan against your LIC policy, the loan amount you are eligible for is typically 70-90% of your surrender value, depending on the lender’s credit policy.

If you are considering either and would like to discuss it with a Mera Kal Saathi, chat with us or call us on +91 99016 72084